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LiguriaIN Ethic Code


The Ethic Code is a set of principles and values ​​that we recognize and which we recognize, compliance with which is and must be of fundamental and essential importance for the correct functioning, reliability and life of the Federation ClubIN and Associates.

We refer to these principles, and would ask all members in the activities, behavior and relationships both internal and external to the Federation.

Article 1

Adopt collaborative behaviors and not predominant 
building work platforms based on relationships of trust

Tune with the values ​​of ClubIN also means stand in front of the next in a form of constructive sharing, moved not only by the desire to increase their opportunities for learning or profit, but also the ambition to contribute to the collective growth, hence rejecting the murky relations or lewd purposes and unedifying and preferring activities synergistic collaboration.

And 'then through the exchange of ideas, projects and experiences, all of them necessarily evaluated according to standards of intellectual honesty and morality, which will be possible to reach this goal.

Article 2

Weaving business relationships transparent, simple and direct, sancibili with a handshake

Since the interpersonal relationship is a basic feature that inspired the birth and guide the development of ClubIN at every stage of activity, locally and nationally, it is essential that this is inspired by the utmost transparency at every level.

Transparency is therefore essential feature request to the members of the Club in their activities within the Federation and outside of it, and at the same time becomes the basis and guarantee for the associates to a proper evaluation of the opportunities and activities.

The values ​​to which we aspire propose and require a style of business in which the relationships are simple and direct, in which a handshake has the value of a sincere and firm commitment to the counterparty, a commitment that is as good as, and more than a contract written in black and white.

Because of the special attention and sensitivity of the Federation and Club associated with it towards the sustainability of the business, this is considered to be of prime importance in the way of working of the members of the Club, so that today's actions make it possible to bequeath to future generations the same, if not better, opportunities and business prospects than we can grasp and live now, which is why the Federation believes in the promotion of an ethical and sustainable business as an example for the society in which we live.

Article 3

Put passion in what you do, helping to create a positive and stimulating the business world

The Federation promotes the development of business relationships based on relations of mutual trust and reliability.

In this sense, it is believed that the ability to work with passion is an element common to all those who, by demonstrating positive attitude towards cooperation, continue to be able to network effectively.

Passion is in fact the element that allows us to address energy and enthusiasm in our work, making thus guaranteeing a correct and transparent operated in compliance with the expectations engendered in their partner.

At the same time the element of passion to the work urges us to put the interests towards achieving a quality result than the pure economic return that can be achieved.

Members are therefore called to work with this commitment, in order to strengthen its credibility and that of the Project ClubIN in its entirety.

Article 4

Behave reliable and correct, in the real and virtual, preferring sincerity and attention to our neighbor

Interpersonal relations of good quality must be accompanied by behavioral codes that determine the strength and longevity.

These codes, pertaining to ancestral values ​​to date are the real backbone on which to base the strengthening of relational assets of each individual.

It 'so important to remark that the confidence engendered by and correct conduct towards our neighbor is fundamental but also and primarily relational assets, digital and direct, which promotes ClubIN.

Fairness to our next presents various facets of interpretation, all important and essential because all linked to the different sensitivity of the person who is physically or virtually in front or to the different contingencies that this share.

Respect for the individual, such as "emotional universe" automatically generates attention towards itself and towards themselves, harmonizing their motions with those of others close to us and the environment all, respect for digital identity, understood as reciprocal trust of personal information transferred via the Web, is a solid correspondence between being and appearance, then approaching subjects universally empatizzanti.

Another key component is the feeling of reliability, with pride, the individual is able to transfer to the next. This feeling is often a consequence of an attitude consistent with the commitments made on the basis of verbal agreements, once sealed with the classic handshake, beyond any contractual or legal grid.

Article 5

Running together to contribute to collective action with positive sum, with a fair and honest spirit of mutuality.

ClubIN wants to represent an embodiment of the fifth man was, where everyone can freely express himself through his relationships, of any kind and form, and through comparison with others in a constructive dialogue.

In order to create emotions and empathy, the reports should therefore be subject to requirements both virtual and real. It 's so that collaboration in ClubIN takes the form of mutual support in times of need, and when you get to know personally, and when you are connected to introduction, on-line only. The cooperation is realized also with the offering of their availability, because if they all offer, you are bound to receive.

In offering their availability should then be clear that there is a boundary between what can be a favor sporadic action of mutuality, a gesture of friendship operational, and what is business activity, not expecting the overcoming of the border by the counterparty.

The collaboration nell'accezione ClubIN ultimately results in a competition, in the sense that everyone runs in the same direction (running together) to contribute to a collective activity with positive sum.

Article 6

Observe any differences cultural and economic, encouraging the development of consistent with the concept of corporate social responsibility

The Federation ClubIN through the territorial Club, promotes the relationship with the territory, institutions and local realities based on the values ​​of ethics and social commitment.

The scope of the Business Club, in fact, should not make us forget that it also means Business Ethics Business Aware of his surroundings, or Business Manager.

E 'in the respect of these principles that the members of ClubIN must be distinguished by sensitivity and consistency of behavior than the declared values.

E 'therefore commendable and appreciable any commitment that puts a partner in activities involving actions of charity, solidarity and respect for the ecosystem, these values, shake or shared, are the basis of the ethical conception of the person that needs to associated reside in the Club

The federal structure of ClubIN has been designed considering the different territoriality in which the club insist.

Respect for tradition and the environment is considered an essential value, by recognizing each other between partners.

The value then of all the environmental and cultural resources of a place, the sensitivity to the support and development of initiatives to promote and safeguard the mutual support and respect of differences are fundamental values ​​to be shared with any member.

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